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AnneMarie Sanchez

Ivy Stockwell Elementary

Principal: Anne Marie Sanchez

175 5th St. Berthoud, CO 80513
Phone: 970 613-6100

Mission: Our mission is to encourage and engage everyone in our learning community to persevere and prepare for a positive future.

Slogan: Star Behavior – Safety, Teamwork, Achievement, Respect. Our challenge is to engage everyone in our learning community to achieve high levels in preparing for our changing world.

Colors: Blue and white

Mascot: Stallion

Describe: We have a fantastic staff that works together with cohesive leadership and collaboration. We all work for the well-being of each student and are responsive to individual needs.

Stellar Points: We are on our way to being a STEM school; we have received the Governor's Distinguished Growth Award; and we have very strong literacy programs and strong parent/volunteer service.

Special Offerings: Learning together, peer tutoring, comprehensive literacy professional development for staff; 5th grade showcase (biography of famous people acted out) and more!

Extracurricular: Chess, Spelling, Lego Robotics, STEM Club, Battle of the Books, wellness activities, Yoga, variety of family nights, 5th grade book signing night

Climate: We are solution-focused, collaborative and willing to go the extra mile.

Awards/Partnerships: Governor's Award, Energy Star Award, leader in technology, seeking STEM partners!

Volunteer/Parent: Strong support